Women's Walking and Running

Women's running shoes that make you stronger and independent with the most trendy models are only at Lescon. You can run faster with Lescon by enjoying sports to the fullest! Protecting you in all seasons, women's running shoes allow you to reach your goal and jump higher. Produced with different designs every year, sneakers meet you with the difference of Lescon. Thanks to the developed technologies, you can keep your sports pleasure uninterrupted by grasping your feet in the best way. The sole of women's running shoes made of rubber provides flexibility and durability. Phylon floor material adapts to the movement of your foot and minimizes impacts. Super grip technology prevents the athlete's negative performance caused by friction, especially on the hard surface, when the sole is in contact with the ground. With its shock diffuser feature, it distributes the blows evenly and maximizes your running performance. Colored artificial leather material Lescon microfiber technology, which gives flexibility, softness and durability that supports foot health, gives you the best comfort. Les Insole technology r educes the moisture inside the shoes and distributes your body weight evenly. You will always feel fit with Lescon women's running shoes models. Lescon women's running shoes help you have an extraordinary sports time by combining the trio of technology, design and comfort that sports enthusiast women need most. Now you can feel ready and good. No stopping with Lescon! You can immediately catch the online advantages offered with various installment options and the opportunity to change from the store.

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