Back Pack

Sports bags that stand out with their functionality and elegance are waiting for you at Lescon for you to take action. Choose one of the sports bags that suit your style and take action as soon as possible, which is necessary to carry your headphones, phone, book, thermos easily. One of the biggest features of Lescon sports bag models, which are quite functional, is that they have many and different sizes of eyes. Especially when going to the gym, having different compartments for a good placement of clothes makes it easier to place items in a practical way. Bag designs with separate compartments for crampons or sneakers, and separate compartments for dirty and clean clothes are in Lescon's collection. Hidden pockets on the inside of the sports bag for personal items such as mobile phones and wallets that you keep with you, offer practical solutions for keeping the bag organized. Mugs and water bottles can be placed in the compartments on the sides of the backpacks. Thus, you can quickly meet your fluid needs. Thanks to the PU coated synthetic fabric, you can have colorful bags that are more durable and aesthetically pleasing through Lescon. Among the sports bag models, there are also backpack and cleat bags in different designs. You can have the Lescon backpack models designed for all tastes, suitable for both sports and daily use, in black, blue, purple and pink, with reasonable prices and installment advantages.

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